Leather Chic handcrafts distinctive,leather art clothing for women. Our designs reflect a growing trend among fashion conscience buyers who are currently looking for more competitive price points, along with more unique styles and the cache of quality, handcrafted leather clothing.

Our use of all natural material reflects a growing trend in the market toward garments made from environmentally friendly, renewable resources.

Our distinctive leather art clothing marries quality leather paneling with soft crochet yarn, using both open weaves and tight, brocaded designs. The resulting garments are inexpensive, stylish, and comfortable. They convey a craft fashion aesthetic, and are available in a variety of designs, ranging from retro to haute couture.

The open weaves incorporated into many of our skirts and tops allow a superior freedom of movement as well as letting the wearer's skin and under layers to breathe. The brocaded and crochet weaves add a strong sense of style, and allow our designs to fully realize their unique artistic vision.

Originally popularized by designers in Milan, Italy, the concept of artistic womens'clothing made from leather panels (as opposed to leather piecework) with open weave materials has been seen increasingly in the fashionable shops of Europe and Asia. Our own designed clothing is made by hand for the popularity of its stylists, craftsman, and artistic sensibilities.


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